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Starke Sound - Subwoofer - SW10

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Model: Subwoofer SW10

Warranty: 12 months

Notes: You are welcome to view this product at our show room. You can bring your own CD if you want, great sound for both HT and stereo.

A sealed, 10-inch sub that’s compact, affordable, powerful, hi-tech. One that delivers the deepest, tightest bass at high volume. Its advanced, high-excursion, glass fibre woofer is optimally driven by an efficient amplifier of 450 watts rms. Exploit its economics and performance with a pair of SW10 subs in diagonally opposite corners of your room for the smoothest, most impactful bass response.

We will match the American official price. Transparent, easy, ready for collection.


Main specifications

Drivers 10 inch
Amplifier 350W RMS (800W short-term)
Max SPL output(1m) 110dB
Frequency response  (±3dB) 18Hz-240Hz
Active driver

10 inch

1-piece glass fibre sandwich cone

Input terminals

XLR balanced input

Subwoofer input(RCA)

RCA stereo inputs, a pair

Finish Matte
Colour option Black/ White