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Starke Sound Subwoofer SW15 - Authorized StarkeSound Local Warranty

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$1,299.00 - $1,299.00
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Model: Subwoofer SW15

Warranty: Manufacturer Warranty (12 months)

Notes: You are welcome to view this product at our show room. You can bring your own CD if you want, great sound for both HT and stereo.

For bass lovers, the subwoofer can never be too big. And for SW subs, we want to make sure our customers invest every penny in performance, and nothing else. A 15-inch sub is a common size for big rooms. We optimized our 15-inch driver for high efficiency. We don't like slow, muddy sound at all so we designed a fast-response coil. With all of these elements, we have a fast and powerful, competitively-priced 15-inch subwoofer.

We will match the American official price. Transparent, easy and ready for collection.


Main specifications:

 Drivers 15 inch
Amplifier 475W RMS (950W short-term)
Max SPL output(1m) 116dB
Frequency response (±3dB) 14Hz-240Hz
Active driver

15 inch

1-piece glass fibre sandwich cone

Input terminals

XLR balanced input

Subwoofer input(RCA)

RCA stereo inputs, a pair

Finish Matte
Colour option Black