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Vividstorm - ALR Screen - 120 inches

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Brand name: VIVIDSTORM
Product name: S PRO Motorised Floor Rising Projection Screen
Size: 120 inches
Warranty: Manufacturer Warranty (12 months)
Projection Type: Ultra short throw projector
Notes: Element5 Projector is the sole agent for a series of famous UST projector brand, including Vividstorm.


Key Features

  • Free-standing Electric Floor Rising Mechanism
  • Tab tensioned, perfect portable ALR screen solution for UST projectors
  • Slim Profile, Save Space
  • 170° wide viewing angle
  • Active 3D, 8K Ultra HD, and HDR ready
  • 6 Gain


Plug & Play, No Drilling Required

With the Vividstorm screen contained in a screen casing, there is no need for any installation, simply place the screen in your desired area and plug it in. You can also easily change the position of the screen in your room – perfect if you get a new sofa or decide to re-arrange your room.

However, if wall mounting is preferred to fit your room’s style then the screen can be fixed to the wall with the optional wall-mount brackets.

Discreet Design

Available in a black and white casing, the S PRO series features a motorised floor rising mechanism that offers a discreet screen solution. When not in use the screen can be rolled back into the case and stored safely. The screen glides up and down smoothly and quietly, with noise as low as 30dB.

Tab tensioned for a perfectly flat screen

With tab tensioning, the screen remains absolutely flat and from this delivers stunning images for UST projectors.

Tab tensioned screens are also more resistant to draughts and breezes from fans/AC in the room that may cause the screen to sway.

Enhance images with ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) material

The S PRO series uses special ALR fabric to optimise the projected image from UST projectors. This ALR fabric can efficiently reject 97% of ambient light to negate the washout effect from other light in the room.

The S Pro ALR screen fabric is crafted with a special optical saw tooth structure and a light-rejecting filter to efficiently reject ambient light, so you can enjoy stunning pictures even in the daytime.

Projector - Screen Synchronisation

Vividstorm S PRO series comes with a free wireless projector trigger*.

Simply insert the wireless USB trigger into the projector’s USB port and when the projector is switched on, the screen will be triggered and rise automatically. When you turn off the projector, the screen will retract back to its case sententiously.

*Wireless trigger compatibility is not guaranteed for all projectors. In addition, the trigger is a gift, it is not covered by the screen’s manufacture warranty.

Wide Viewing Angle And Future Proof

S PRO series ALR screen offers 170° viewing angle making it easy for everyone in the room to get a good view of the action!

The screens material is fully optimised and is 3D Active, 8K Ultra HD, and HDR Ready so you can be confident that the screen can work with the future generation of UST projectors.